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2 & 3

Cycle 2 : Grade 1 to 3

Cycle 3: Grade 4 to 6

at Mitcham Primary School

6 - 12 YEAR OLDS


A Montessori Stream within the Primary School Education.


The Cycle 2 and 3 Programs continue Maria Montessori's teaching methods in Primary School for children aged 6-12 years old.  


At Donvale Montessori, we are particularly proud of our heritage with our founder collaborating with parents, teachers and the Principal to establish the unique offering of a Montessori stream within Mitcham Primary School.  Upon the completion of Cycle 1 Program in our Centre, children are eligible to continue their Montessori education at Mitcham Primary School. 

Should you be interested in Cycle 2 and 3, please contact Mitcham Primary School on 9873 1551 to arrange an appointment to attend a school tour.

Image from Mitcham Primary School website

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